Hornsey Rise Baptist



The Early Years

The Church was founded in 1870. Little is known about this period of the church's history, other than the names of the long-serving Ministers of the time. Five Ministers served in the church between 1895 and 1965. These were:

  • Rev. R.D.Darby (1895-1899)
  • Rev. J.E.Joynes (1899-1928)
  • Rev. G.A.Linnington (1928-1936)
  • Rev. F.C.Amery (1937-1941)
  • Rev. T.W.G.Hopper (1941-1965)

During this period the church met in the large imposing building pictured in the top left of the page.


Following the Second World War, the Hornsey Rise area, like many other parts of London, experienced large scale immigration from across the Empire to fill the labour shortage.

This in turn led to a sudden evolution in the church's demographics, as many newly-settled Christians brought up in Baptist churches overseas, began attending the church. These changes brought some initial conflict but ultimately resulted in the diverse, inclusive and multi-cultural church fellowship which the church still benefits from today.

The 1970s and 1980s brought challenges of their own. Pastor A.Andrews was another long-serving minister of the church during this period (1971-1986). Church numbers dwindled and the faithful remnant was faced with the uphill struggle of maintaining such a large church building.These maintenance issues came to a head in the early 1990s when the old church building was judged to be an unsafe structure and had to be pulled down.

1996 - Present

Part of the church land was sold to developers and the current building, pictured in the top right of the page, was built in 1996 on what remained. This was only possible thanks to God providing significant support from the London Baptist Association and donations sent from other churches.

Our current pastor, George Masih, joined us in January 2014 and set to work building bridges with the local community. An important part of the church's vision for the future is to be outward looking, focussed on prayer and evangelism. We hope to become an important and relevant part of the community and a beacon for the lost.

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